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3D Mine modeling

Our partners - ThreeDify Inc

ThreeDify excels by integrating advanced modeling, optimization techniques, and modern computing technologies to create a cutting-edge mining software solution for handling big data sets. Their foundation is a blend of mining industry expertise, 3D computer graphics knowledge, top-notch services, and professional training.

GeoMine Foundation for Threedify products

ThreeDify GeoMine is an all-in-one software platform for drill hole planning, rapid resource evaluation, reserve optimization, mine planning, design, scheduling, grade control, haulage analysis and integrated simulation for both open-pit and underground mining. GeoMine makes it easy to quantify the environmental/emission variables and their impact on mine planning for continuous operation improvement and decarbonization studies. 

High-Performance Tools To Handle Big Data Sets FOR MINES OF EVERY TYPE, METHOD AND COMMODITY.