Our commitment

to sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability. 

Our experience in serving customers on mining and infrastructure projects in developing countries has provided us with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities that these environments present. This experience has equipped us to effectively support local contractors, enabling them to deliver best-in-class services. Our experience and commitment to supporting local contractors have not only enabled us to deliver successful projects but also contributed to the growth and development of local businesses in developing countries. Here’s how we do it:

We believe in the power of local talent. That’s why we work closely with local contractors, providing them with the support they need to excel. Our support extends beyond the project at hand - we are committed to helping our local partners grow and thrive in the long term. Our EPC project delivery model is an effective vehicle to help you achieve nationalisation goals.

TacminMadini, a prominent figure in the global mining industry, highlights the critical importance of EPCM in ensuring safety and compliance within mining projects. By fostering a safety-centric ethos, TacminMadini adeptly navigates regulatory frameworks, optimizes operational efficiency, and maintains transparent communication with clients. 

Training is a crucial part of our support strategy. We offer comprehensive training programs that cover everything from technical skills to compliance management. These programs are designed to equip local contractors with the knowledge and skills they need to meet international standards and deliver high-quality services.

We value the opportunity to hear about the issues of most relevance to our stakeholders. These interactions help us ensure we’re addressing the most important sustainability topics.

Stakeholder engagement

  Sarel Blaauw

Maintaining an open and constructive dialogue with stakeholders is fundamental to improving TacminMadini Australia's strategic policy development. By continually engaging with our wide range of stakeholders, we can understand what’s expected of us, identify issues, and discover opportunities to serve customers well and help them to achieve their objectives.

How we engage stakeholders

Our stakeholdersStakeholder EngagementIssues of Interest
CustomersMarket research - customer satisfaction. Letters from TacminMadini CEO. Linked-in posts & correspondence.Current & future project challenges, bottlenecks, stumble blocks, awareness of our support, experience sharing, affordability of services, transparency and disclosure, reducing carbon footprint, information management & security.
Investors & shareholders

Investor presentations, direct engagement with leadership for updates in contracts secured & company performance.

Achieving fair customer outcomes, responsible lending practices, and TacminMadini's role in supporting customers with their projects. Future shareholding and value.
ContractorsLetters from TacminMadini CEO, direct e-mails to executives, Turnkey contract model presentations.Awareness of our ability to optimise projects, improve equipment utilisation and maximise profits, lump sum contract model and risk mitigation.
SuppliersOEM engagement via letters, direct e-mail, direct engagement and presentations with leadership.Equipment finance and operating models. Awareness creation of TacminMadini's EPC solution, zero-based cost model information sharing. Mine simulation and risk mitigation.
Industry bodies

Market research - Partnership engagement discussions with TacminMadini CEO and agreements. 

Collaboration with industry bodies about best practices during project delivery, particularly emphasising project controls with the latest products and technology.