Assist customers in meeting nationalisation goals & international standards

Support nationals to deliver best-in-class

Our EPC/EPCM project delivery model for open-pit mining and infrastructure projects is an effective vehicle to help you achieve nationalisation goals and international mining and construction standards from the onset. From procurement of national contractors to executing projects to best-in-class, completed projects are key to ensuring our deliverables are safe, reliable, operable, maintainable and fit-for-purpose. 

Our commitment toassist you in meeting nationalisation goals and international standards
NationalisationWe are committed to procuring national contractors and aim to create local value through local supply chains that allow small and medium-sized enterprises to grow.
 Among others, our EPC solutions provide for the support and training of emerging national contractors to deliver complex and large projects
 We procure goods, services and mobile mining equipment from local vendors, suppliers and agents, thereby supporting many local jobs. 
 We recognise the importance of developing and supporting national workforces, and our training centres are testimony of delivering technical and regulatory training to help our Clients meet their nationalisation.
International standardsWe have built a sound reputation of working with owner teams of numerous SE-listed mining companies since 1996 and understand their challenges and business models.
 Our EPC contract models are based on tried and tested processes that effectively mitigate risks during periods of uncertainty. 
 Project execution can be expedited since engineering through to procurement and execution are entirely integrated, and customers have a single point of contact (SPOC). 
 Our partners have assisted mining companies for the last 26 years to improve and optimise open-pit mines over a broad spectrum of technical and operational facets, from geology, mine engineering, and asset performance to project controls and delivery. 
 In our ongoing strive to meet milestones and complete projects on time and within budget, we have gone to great lengths through our associates TacminMadini Centre of Excellence, who partner with revolutionary industry experts that apply the latest project control technology.


Our services can be deployed anywhere, anytime!   

EPC alternatives for mining challenges that are not easily resolved   

Single point of contact (SPOC) from engineering to execution   

Project setup and execution time exceeds market average