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Progressive rehab. planning & designs

Progressive rehabilitation planning & design

Progressive rehabilitation planning & designs

Progressive rehabilitation is a strategic approach that revolutionizes the typical mining life cycle by integrating rehabilitation efforts from the early stages of mining activities. Unlike where rehabilitation is done at the end of the mining activities, progressive rehabilitation involves comprehensive planning and implementation throughout the entire mining process. Key components include early planning, addressing factors like soil stability and habitat restoration, and progressive implementation guided by a detailed schedule. The benefits are multifaceted, ranging from minimizing environmental impact to showcasing environmental stewardship, achieving cost efficiency, and fostering positive community relations. This proactive strategy aligns with a commitment to responsible mining practices, extending beyond regulatory compliance and emphasizing long-term environmental sustainability.  

Progressive rehabilitation explained
Integrated rehabilitation, mine designs & planning
Life of mine (LOM) closure planning
Progressive rehabilitation explained

Progressive rehabilitation explained

Progressive rehabilitation refers to a strategic approach that integrates rehabilitation efforts throughout the entire life cycle of a mining operation. Instead of treating rehabilitation at the end of the mine life, where viable, progressive rehabilitation involves planning and implementing rehabilitation measures from the early stages of mining activity. Here are the key points about progressive rehabilitation:

Purpose and Importance:

Minimizing Environmental Impact: By addressing rehabilitation throughout the mining process, companies can minimize negative environmental effects caused by extraction activities.


Progressive Rehabilitation Components:

Early Planning: Companies develop a comprehensive rehabilitation plan that considers factors like soil stability, vegetation, water management, and habitat restoration. This plan guides rehabilitation efforts from the outset.

Progressive Implementation: The Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure schedule outlines specific actions and timelines for rehabilitation. It ensures that rehabilitation occurs progressively as mining activities proceed.


Legal Requirements:

Mines with a site-specific environmental authority (EA) must prepare a PRC plan. This requirement applies to both existing mines and new projects. The Mined Land Rehabilitation Policy emphasizes the importance of progressive rehabilitation.


Environmental Stewardship: Integrating rehabilitation early demonstrates commitment to responsible land use and environmental conservation.

Cost Efficiency: Addressing rehabilitation progressively can reduce overall costs associated with mine closure and post-mining land management.

Community Relations: Engaging in proactive rehabilitation fosters positive relationships with local communities and regulatory bodies.

Integrated rehabilitation, mine designs & planning
Life of mine (LOM) closure planning

Environmental monitoring control centre

The main objective of the environmental monitoring control centre is to track, control, and manage environmental aspects during rehabilitation. By leveraging real-time data from interconnected sensors, TacminMadini ensures climate monitoring, water quality optimization, geotechnical stability, vegetation health, erosion prevention, and sediment control. 

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