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The Engineering division of our EPC firm, TacminMadini Australia, emerged from the unbundling of TacminMadini International and inherited its epertise. These expertise is recognized for proficiency in open-pit mine engineering and related infrastructure across various commodities. It has a strong reputation for its work with listed and blue-chip mining clients on projects worldwide. The engineering division is the backbone of our company. Not only do the form an integral part of TacminMadini projects, they continue to serve mining customers globally.

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Consulting engineering

TacminMadini International, initially an engineering consultancy firm, has evolved into a multinational, multi-disciplinary company specializing in comprehensive value chain optimization solutions. These solutions are designed to enhance operations and asset performance, redefine processes, minimize value leaks, boost productivity, and increase profits for organizations. After twenty-seven years of growth and innovation, we unbundle TacminMadini International into two distinct business units: EPC and Construction.


TacminMadini is your comprehensive solution for engineering services in open-pit mining and infrastructure projects. We provide a range of services including design, feasibility studies, procurement, and cost engineering. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to your project needs.


With over 27 years of industry experience, TacminMadini has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions on time and within budget. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to provide value-added solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs. Partner with us for your next open-pit mining or infrastructure project and experience the TacminMadini difference.

After the unbundling of TacminMadini International, TacminMadini Australia inherited its engineering and procurement expertise. This specialized unit within the EPC company has been designing open-pit mines and procuring contractors and mobile equipment for clients since the late '90s.

  Our competitive advantage  

Decades of solving operational challenges

Over twenty-six years TacminMadini International has evolved from a mine engineering consultancy to a diversified engineering, operations management and collaborative mining and turnkey asset management company.

Known for contracting experience

Unmatched is our capability to improve contractor applications. Amongst others, this can be contributed to our core expertise, former directors and operations managers of mining and infrastructure construction companies. 

Extensive experience of mining equipment

Since 1996 we have generated 2210 mining cost models and completed LCC's of more than three hundred equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment ranging from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity.