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Mine & infrastructure construction



Tacmin Construction (Pty) Ltd was established when we unbundled TacminMadini International into two business units, EPC and Construction. Known for its capability and well-recognized by the global mining industries, Tacmin Construction, formerly TacminMadini International, is since 1996 renowned for undertaking large and complex projects in mining and infrastructure. Tacmin Construction is committed to building on their established reputation, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a significant impact on our clients, employees, and community:

Tacmin Construction (Pty) Ltd is the construction division and a subsidiary of EPC firm TacminMadini Australia. We are a collaborative force, working closely with clients, engineers, OEM's and subcontractors from the earliest project stages to foster shared knowledge and innovative solutions. Our services span the spectrum of project development, from preconstruction planning to comprehensive construction management. We specialize in lean construction methodologies that streamline processes, reduce waste, and enhance customer satisfaction.


At Tacmin Construction, we harness cutting-edge technologies such as 3D modeling and IoT to ensure meticulous planning, precise design, and accurate budgeting for every project. Our collaborative approach unites clients, engineers, subcontractors, suppliers, and OEMs to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise extends to various delivery methods and project controls, enabling us to successfully execute open-pit mines and civil infrastructure projects in remote and emerging countries.

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  Our competitive advantage  

Project control partner for EPC delivery

Not only does TacminMadini CoE carry out project controls during operation improvement and turnaround assignments, but they also ensure that our EPC projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

Zero-based cost specialists (ZBB & ABC)

Well-known to the industry are our successes in turning projects around by way of benchmarking with the aid of project life cycle zero-profit margin cost estimates in open-pit mining and bulk earthwork infrastructure projects.

Industry 4.0 technology control systems 

At the Mining Project Control Centre of Excellence, one of our objectives is to seamlessly integrate new technology and models into existing systems and processes. For us, the only way to do this effectively is with the aid of AI and IoT platforms.