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The mining sector is experiencing a rise in demand, fueled by the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies. Key tech trends such as mobility, big data, AI, machine learning, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and predictive analytics are revolutionizing the entire value chain, boosting its visibility, traceability, reliability, uniformity, management, and predictability. TacminMadini Australia is committed to achieving operational excellence in all our endeavors. The continually evolving digital engineering prowess of our company aids our project teams and enables our clients to enhance their operational effectiveness, cut expenses, and boost their global market competitiveness.

Project Life Cycle solutions
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Project Life Cycle solutions

Project Life Cycle solutions

Our project management solution is a cloud-based construction software that provides secure and universal data access. Regardless of location or device, our customers can securely access and obtain valuable data of their projects throughout its life cycle. It strikes an ideal balance between data accessibility and security, ensuring that your business decisions are informed by the latest information. With a managed, hosted, and centralized database, it fosters collaboration among stakeholders and offers peace of mind. In the realm of digital engineering, cloud-based capabilities play a pivotal role. Backed by decades of mining and infrastructure project delivery experience, our expertise applies construction computer software from the first estimate to handover.

Cost estimation: This robust construction project management software tool enables us to execute cost estimations from feasibility through project execution. We provide real-time information on actual costs, enabling a direct comparison between these costs and the budget.


Project planning: This powerful tool, designed specifically for the construction and engineering industry, has a planning feature that is fully integrated with cost estimation. This makes it easier for us to forecast costs and analyze cash flow. This dynamic integration allows for accurate project management decision-making.


Forecasting: This feature combines past performance and potential future events to provide a detailed analysis of your project. It enables us to forecast quantities, values, and resources, and uses estimating and valuation information to assist with better project planning.


Cashflow: This module allows us to build a financial model of a construction project, ensuring all costs are understood and managed effectively. The module can draw information from both the estimate and the project program and incorporates parameters such as payment lags, escalation, interest on payments to suppliers and subcontractors, advances, and loans.

Valuations: This comprehensive tool enables us to precisely compile project valuations and budgets. The Valuations module delivers continuity between estimating and post-tender commercial control, allowing on-site staff to carry out all post-tender commercial functions.

Workforce solutions

  Our competitive advantage  

Decades of solving operational challenges

Over twenty-six years TacminMadini International has evolved from a mine engineering consultancy to a diversified engineering, operations management and collaborative mining and turnkey asset management company.

Known for contracting experience

Unmatched is our capability to improve contractor applications. Amongst others, this can be contributed to our core expertise, former directors and operations managers of mining and infrastructure construction companies. 

Extensive experience of mining equipment

Since 1996 we have generated 2210 mining cost models and completed LCC's of more than three hundred equipment models and sizes, with hauling equipment ranging from 25 to 380 payload tons and matching shovels of up to 45 m3 bucket capacity.