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TacminMadini Australia (Pty) Ltd

At TacminMadini, we lead the mining and infrastructure sectors with innovative, sustainable solutions that set new industry standards. Our value proposition lies in delivering comprehensive project services throughout the entire lifecycle of mining and infrastructure projects.


We integrate project development, execution, and optimization seamlessly, covering initial design, meticulous planning, efficient procurement, robust construction, and smooth operational transitions, ensuring every phase is handled with precision. TacminMadini Australia (TMA) transforms traditional mining practices with our turnkey solutions, delivering unmatched efficiency and effectiveness. Our all-encompassing service model covers every aspect of mining operations, ensuring streamlined processes and unwavering attention to detail.


Partnering with TMA enhances shareholder value, boosts production, and improves profitability. Our sustainable practices ensure operations are efficient and environmentally responsible. Leveraging our extensive experience, clients achieve higher returns on investment and a competitive market edge.


TacminMadini Australia builds on Tacmin International’s strong foundation, established by Sarel Blaauw in 1996. Expanding to Australia, we restructured to form Tacmin Construction, specializing in focused construction services for mining, quarrying, and infrastructure sectors. Innovation is at our core. We continuously adopt the latest technologies and methodologies to enhance our services, ensuring we remain ahead of industry trends and provide clients with cutting-edge solutions for success and sustainability.

Planning and Feasibility studies

Front End Engineering Designs

Procurement and commercials

Construction & contractor management

Digital technique & smart systems


End-to-end project development

Project mngmt. consultancy

Front-end Engineering design

Mining & construction mngmt.

EPCM project delivery

EPC project delivery

Mining and construction

Contractor performance

Open-pit mine optimisation

Lean mining and construction

we Restore 

Reclamation planning & cost

Rehab. planning and design

Environmental rehabilitation

"TacminMadini Australia and Tacmin Construction - A partnership that delivers more than engineering and contracting.

A   partnership that delivers the best of both worlds


  • Bulk earthworks for mining 
  • Tailings-, storage- & emergency dams
  • Haul roads, single & dual paved roads
  • Township infrastructure development
  • Road improvement & rehabilitation
  • Railroad construction & rehabilitation
  • Crushing and screening plants


  • Design and planning
  • Equipment requirements
  • Total cost of quarrying estimations
  • Quarrying operating applications
  • Environmental applications
  • Equipment supply
  • Quarry operations


  • Multi-commodity open-pit mines
  • Boxcut, ramp-up & steady-state mining
  • Rehabilitation & mine closure
  • In-pit roads, ramps and main roads
  • Dumps, ROM pads & stockpile mgmt
  • Ore blending operations
  • Ore transportation


Transforming mining with sustainable precision

  • Roy Hill Holdings
  • Barrick Gold
  • Exxaro Resources 
  • African Rainbow Minerals
  • Tharisa Minerals
  • African Barrick Gold
  • Tshipi é Ntle (Pty) Ltd
  • Rockwell Diamonds
  • Samquarz (Pty) Ltd
  • Shanta Gold Ltd
  • Ghana Manganese Ltd
  • Assmang Ltd
  • BHP Billiton (BECSA)
  • Anglogold Ashanti Ltd
  • Aquarius Platinum Ltd
  • Xstrata  (Pty) Ltd
  • Operational improvements & project controls 
  • Procurement - major projects (contractor & OEMs)
  • Contractor & mobile asset management
  • Engineering services - mining & infrastructure
  • Construction & mining management 
  • PMC and EPCM contracts
  • Feasibility and mining studies
  • C-Level and board support


The future of our global operations

TacminMadini is focused on strategic collaborations with industry-leading partners to drive business expansion and penetrate diverse market sectors. By leveraging these partnerships and optimizing distribution channels, TacminMadini aims to enhance its market presence and deliver comprehensive solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients. This approach underscores TacminMadini's commitment to innovation and growth, ensuring robust support and value across various industries.

Articles, press releases & case studies

In the mining industry, managing risks effectively is crucial to ensuring successful project outcomes. TacminMadini offers a comprehensive suite of risk mitigation solutions tailored to meet the unique challenges of mining operations. Our services are designed to enhance safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain project efficiency, allowing mining companies to focus on their core operations with confidence. By leveraging advanced technology, expert project management, and strategic partnerships, TacminMadini stands as a reliable partner in reducing mining risks and optimizing project performance.


A trusted partner for sustainable mining

TacminMadini offers comprehensive solutions for open-pit mining and infrastructure projects, from procurement to execution. We specialize in EPCM mining services, using cutting-edge technologies for safety, compliance, and management. TacminMadini understands the challenges of mine closure, and provide integrated solutions for planning, feasibility, rehabilitation, and transition. By partnering with us, mining companies can achieve their closure objectives, reduce their costs and liabilities, and enhance their reputation and social license. 

We support nationals

to deliver best-in-class

Our EPC/EPCM mining model for open-pit mines ensures nationalization goals, international standards, and project completion to safety, reliability, and fit-for-purpose standards.

We safeguard mining operations during EPCM

TacminMadini champions safety and compliance in global mining through its holistic EPCM approach. Leveraging advanced technologies and a safety-first culture, they ensure regulatory compliance, operational efficiency, and transparent communication with clients. 

We enhance reputation

& social licence to operate

By partnering with TacminMadini, mining companies can reduce costs and liabilities and build trust with local communities and stakeholders. For more information, you can contact us at +61 498 785 165.

Mining companies

Consulting engineers


OEM & manufacturers

EPC(M) companies